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Do you enjoy a good argument? (I'm resisting the obvious innuendo about some kind of debate)
Well, this could be the section for you. Here we'll talk about the issues on which many anglers simply can't agree - from unscrupulous fishing techniques and unidentified fish species to angler (mis)behaviour and unsolved mysteries.
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Is this the face of a killer?

Longtom - needlefish

There are a some disturbing facts about needlefish, sometimes called longtom, that you may not have known. Did you know, for example, that they have no stomach? Or that they’ve been responsible for two people’s deaths?

Fishing shows get attractive lady presenter

Rebekka Redd Featured Bonefish

Dedicated to gorgeous new host of USA fishing shows, The New Fly Fisher: Rebekka Redd. Photographer, model, horse rider, actress, presenter, animal lover and, of course, a darn fine angler. She’s caught trout, bass, salmon, pike and bonefish… the list goes on.

Catching not fishing

Catching not fishing

If it was called catching not fishing, I really don’t know if I would fish as much as I do. But why? For me at least, fishing is all about anticipation. Isn’t the best bit the thrill of the take?

Fish memory

Fish memory

Fish memory. Is there such a thing? We’ve all heard the myth of the goldfish’s three-second memory but can it be true? For those of us who have ever tried to fool a wary fish it is clear that it cannot be entirely true. A wary fish definitely has something telling it not to eat […]

New Zealand record brown trout – is it me?

Catching Trout in Crystal Waters of New Zealand

I’m lucky enough to have fished in New Zealand while living over there flying hang gliders in 2004. In my opinion, the scenery is better than anything you’ll find anywhere – clearly one reason why Peter Jackson chose it as the location for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit – and I […]