The Funniest Fishing Jokes With the Rubbish Ones Removed

Why did the fish blush? Because he saw the boat’s bottom!
Don't worry, they're not all that bad. But this is where you'll find our selection of the world's funniest fishing jokes - from one liners to cartoons and the occasional comedy sketch or hilarious fishing video.
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Best Fishing Fails 2014

Best Fishing Fails 2014

Some of these fishing fails will definitely make you laugh. The guy that electrocutes himself a few clips in is hilarious; slightly disturbing but hilarious!

English humour: Competitive Dad Goes Fishing (VIDEO)

Fast show competitive dad fishing

My own Dad, Mike Green, took me fishing as a boy, but luckily for me he wasn’t like this at all. But many things in this sketch ring true. I hope you enjoy it!

How I go fishing

How I go fishing image

To our fellow fishermen. This is how we go fishing – a little compilation to brighten your day. Hope it made you smile. Tight lines!

Drunk fisherman – WARNING – Offensive Language

Drunk fisherman

These videos both made me laugh out loud. They’re both pretty offensive – with really bad language and vomiting – but they’re both pretty funny too.

8 fishing memes that will brighten your day

I've caught the most fishing meme

Check out our latest collection of fishing memes. If you have any you want to share with your fellow anglers, drop us a line and we’ll add them to the page.

Do you practise catch and release?

Catch and release - Leigh Rubes Cartoons

Catch and release is the practice, after catching a fish, of unhooking and returning it to the water before it experiences serious exhaustion or injury. Don’t forget to use barbless hooks!