The Funniest Fishing Jokes With the Rubbish Ones Removed

Why did the fish blush? Because he saw the boat’s bottom!
Don't worry, they're not all that bad. But this is where you'll find our selection of the world's funniest fishing jokes - from one liners to cartoons and the occasional comedy sketch or hilarious fishing video.
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A joke about fishing

Best ever happiness quote

Here’s an old joke about fishing with a not-so-well-hidden moral… In a small coastal Mexican village an American tourist was watching a small fishing boat pull into the pier. Clearly the fisherman had enjoyed a reasonable day’s sport: in the bottom of the boat lay four large tuna. The American complimented the Mexican on his […]

The fisherman’s wife: a lesson for your other half

A story for every angler who fears his wife may one day want him to give up fishing and spend more time at home. The fisherman’s wife is to be obeyed at all times. Well, almost…

Fishing Cartoons by Tundra Comics

Tundra Comics Fishing Cartoon©

In his own words, fishing cartoon creator, Chad Carpenter, “was born at an early age” in Alaska. Sadly he was “abandoned by his parents on his 20th birthday”. Genius…

Sometimes fans make the funniest videos

Doritos fan made fishing video

Apparently this advert was made by fans of Doritos… Pure gold – made us laugh out loud. Got a favourite fishing video? Please share it with us!

Fishing with Sam

Keep working him - fishing joke

When I finally retired, I could hardly wait to spend time enjoying my favorite pastime – fishing. All went well until I started fishing with Sam.

Smile for the camera

Fishing joke picture

We’ve all done it!