The End of an Era


It was quite upsetting to witness her condition, but a reminder that nothing lasts forever, and a very small consolation was that this morning a jack of about five pounds was there with his nose an inch from my bait-can.

Vintage Advertising from Western Filament

vintage advertising banner

Classic vintage advertising from US monofilament maker, Western Filament, extolling the invisibility of their latest line. We love the last paragraph…

Not bad for a first salmon…

Andy Blyth first salmon

The slack in the line very gradually came tight and the line began to swing very slowly across the current, then it stopped. I figured it must be caught on the bottom, with all the slack line and slow current, so I lifted the rod to try to free it. The bottom began to move.

Carp fishing girls

Carp fishing girl

I thought I’d share these contrasting pictures of two ‘other halves’ holding fish for the camera. One looks pretty comfortable – the other not so much!

‘Iron Mike’?!

Chronicle and Echo, May 2013

As my last post reports, I have recently returned from a trip to Cuba where, as well as fishing for tarpon and bonefish, I got back into the water, 50 years after my last SCUBA dive. It was some thrill. Now, for my sins and mainly due to my friendship with Bob Church, who has […]

A question of mistaken identity


This comical but true little tale occurred many years ago now, but still makes me chuckle when I recall it. At the time I shared a 19-foot fishing boat with Rod Barley – a quiet, well-mannered and even tempered lad, same age as me, and who was (and still is) a lifelong great friend. The […]