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This is funny. Weird, but funny

Doritos fish ad funny

You may remember us posting a video almost exactly a year ago, which was made by fans of Doritos (allegedly). Well, here’s another one. It’s a bit weird, but I just love this fish…

This Supertrawler Catch Will Make Your Eyes Water (I Hope)

Supertrawler catch

This video shows you the staggering number of fish swept up by a large trawler’s net, but that’s nothing compared to the giant ‘supertrawlers’ shown below, whose nets measure the length of four jumbo jets.

Best Fishing Fails 2014

Best Fishing Fails 2014

Some of these fishing fails will definitely make you laugh. The guy that electrocutes himself a few clips in is hilarious; slightly disturbing but hilarious!

That’s not a knife… THIS is a knife!

Tuna cutting

They say simple things bring us the most pleasure. There’s something about this man’s fluid movement, the lack of waste and the precision in this short film that is just a joy to behold. Or am I just weird?

Birds fishing – the amazing photography of Hemant Kumar

River Tern

Hemant Kumar has a knack of capturing his local bird life on film, paying particular attention to birds fishing in Hyderabad’s lakes and streams near his home in India.

Unbelievable shark feeding frenzy video goes viral!

Shark feeding frenzy goes viral

Earlier this month bystanders witnessed a massive shark feeding frenzy close to shore, where 100-plus sharks threw themselves into a shoal of bluefish, sometimes beaching themselves in the process.