The Best and Funniest Fishing Videos From Around the Web

Who doesn't love a good fishing video? They're a great way to escape from your computer and spend a few short minutes imagining you're by the lake / on the sea / in the river.
Like you, we spent too little time actually fishing, and too much time at our desks, but every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining. We regularly find and watch fishing videos - after all, it's better than working for a living! But before you criticise us for being lazy, may we just point out that we aren't doing this for fun. No. We are doing it FOR YOU!
We trawl through the Internet's best fishing videos so you won't waste time watching the bad ones. We will only post the best of what we find - whether they're funny, interesting, exciting, feature huge fish, show new and innovative fishing methods, or are simply downright bizarre! We do this because we love you. (Ok, you're right, we do enjoy it... but there's nothing wrong with enjoying your work, is there?!).

Fly fishing for salmon in the North of England

Jim Green with a salmon

In 2011 I made a trip up to the North of England and Southern Scotland to fish with a friend of mine, Andy Blyth. I thought I was a keen fisherman before I met Andy, but he is a fanatic – especially when it comes to catching salmon. He’s a great man to fish with […]

Catching redfish in Louisiana

Catching Redfish in Louisiana

I just had to share this video. This pretty much sums up the excitement of catching fish off the surface – that sense of anticipation when the fish starts to follow the fly. It’s a great video and the fishing looks amazing (I know it’s hard to tell how many they catch in a day […]

16lb Atlantic salmon from the Tyne

Fishing Bait

After a very hard week fishing together for salmon on the River Lyon in Perthshire, my pal Andy Blyth and I decided to have a few casts on a stretch of the River Tyne on our way back south. It was great to see a few fish running in a river that was once so polluted, and even better to catch a lovely one like this!

Tarpon video, Costa Rica

Definitely better in full-screen mode. I know it’s 7 minutes long, but I hope you make it through to the end!! All the best, Jim  

Do fish get too full to eat?

Russell Cowell Small Pike from Chew

As some of you may know, I’ve been feeding a pike since it attacked my keep-net over a year ago. I tend to save a few deadbeats for her whenever I visit the fishery and, without fail, she always turns up before I leave. She’s normally keen as mustard but, as this video shows, she’s […]

My pet pike


Does anyone out there have a tame pike? I am very happy to confirm that I indeed do! Maybe I should qualify that statement in that it doesn’t actually belong to me (or anybody else for that matter). It lives in a one-and-a-half-acre lake in Staffordshire, which was dug out by my best friend, Ken […]