The Best and Funniest Fishing Videos From Around the Web

Who doesn't love a good fishing video? They're a great way to escape from your computer and spend a few short minutes imagining you're by the lake / on the sea / in the river.
Like you, we spent too little time actually fishing, and too much time at our desks, but every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining. We regularly find and watch fishing videos - after all, it's better than working for a living! But before you criticise us for being lazy, may we just point out that we aren't doing this for fun. No. We are doing it FOR YOU!
We trawl through the Internet's best fishing videos so you won't waste time watching the bad ones. We will only post the best of what we find - whether they're funny, interesting, exciting, feature huge fish, show new and innovative fishing methods, or are simply downright bizarre! We do this because we love you. (Ok, you're right, we do enjoy it... but there's nothing wrong with enjoying your work, is there?!).

These Top 5 Pike Attacks Will Make You Jump!

Best Pike Attacks

Number two isn’t the best, but the others are terrifying… I’ve caught a lot of pike, but some of these are unbelievable. Check it out…

Things You Don’t Expect to See When Fishing!

Dolphin stampede

Fishing is not just about catching fish, it’s about spending time outdoors and interacting, in our own way, with nature. Hence the age-old saying: “It’s called fishing, not catching”.

Hammerhead caught by hand?!

Hammerhead shark caught by hand

When this hammerhead shark was seen struggling in shallow water off a Florida beach, a number of brave civilians attempted to remove the fishing line in which it had become entangled.

Big Atlantic Salmon on Single-Handed Fly Rod

Big Salmon Fishing in Sweden Örekils

Check out this video by devoted fly angler, Vaidas Uselis. Fishing the Örekils River, 100km north of Gothenburg, he lands a fish that will make you green with envy.

Did you see this coming? Ice fishing #fail

When ice fishing goes wrong

This is what happens when you leave your fish unsupervised – it gets up to mischief. This Russian angler saw what was happening, but it was too late.

VIDEO: Catching Redfish on Muddlers

Redfish video

I’d love to try a bit of this – redfish look like great fish to catch and they’re wonderful looking. Anyone know how they compare to, say, bonefish?