The Best and Funniest Fishing Videos From Around the Web

Who doesn't love a good fishing video? They're a great way to escape from your computer and spend a few short minutes imagining you're by the lake / on the sea / in the river.
Like you, we spent too little time actually fishing, and too much time at our desks, but every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining. We regularly find and watch fishing videos - after all, it's better than working for a living! But before you criticise us for being lazy, may we just point out that we aren't doing this for fun. No. We are doing it FOR YOU!
We trawl through the Internet's best fishing videos so you won't waste time watching the bad ones. We will only post the best of what we find - whether they're funny, interesting, exciting, feature huge fish, show new and innovative fishing methods, or are simply downright bizarre! We do this because we love you. (Ok, you're right, we do enjoy it... but there's nothing wrong with enjoying your work, is there?!).

Is there a happy ending? You’ll have to watch it!

Big trout on Vimeo

Our social media friends, the Currant Creek Fly Company, recently shared this video with the words: “Has this ever been you?? Take 10 minutes to laugh!!”. What wise words they are!

Tarpon Fishing Montage – Cuba 2014

Will Green Tarpon fishing

This is the second video from our recent trip to Cuba. We fished in teams of two – perfect for one shooting movies while the other took a turn on the rod. I hope you enjoy!

VIDEO: Why do we love bonefish?

Bonefishing in Cuba - La Tortuga

The first of three videos shot on our recent trip to Cuba. For a week we lived onboard our houseboat, La Tortuga, and did nothing but fish, eat and sleep. Pure fly fishing indulgence.

If he knew what was lurking, would he have dared fish from a kayak at all?

Shark attacks kayak fisherman

This is an old video, but if you’ve never seen it before, it’s one you’re probably going to enjoy. It’s not the surprise that makes it so watchable – it’s the guy’s reaction. Puuure adrenaline! This is Isaac Brumaghim, out on what he calls “a routine kayak fishing adventure”. That is, until “Chompy the shark” […]

This guy’s amazing fishing technique made him an Internet phenomenon

Doug Santa Fishing with Hands

It’s not Doug Owen’s beard, his resemblance to Father Christmas, nor his nakedness that made him an Internet star – it’s his unusual ability to catch fish. Check out the video that gave Doug 15mins of fame.

This is how a GREAT tarpon season looks… in less than 2mins

Dog v tarpon on fly

This splendid tarpon fishing movie is made by the people at Waterline Media, who love anything to do with saltwater. You’ve got it – they’re fishing bums… and flipping talented ones at that!