The Best and Funniest Fishing Videos From Around the Web

Who doesn't love a good fishing video? They're a great way to escape from your computer and spend a few short minutes imagining you're by the lake / on the sea / in the river.
Like you, we spent too little time actually fishing, and too much time at our desks, but every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining. We regularly find and watch fishing videos - after all, it's better than working for a living! But before you criticise us for being lazy, may we just point out that we aren't doing this for fun. No. We are doing it FOR YOU!
We trawl through the Internet's best fishing videos so you won't waste time watching the bad ones. We will only post the best of what we find - whether they're funny, interesting, exciting, feature huge fish, show new and innovative fishing methods, or are simply downright bizarre! We do this because we love you. (Ok, you're right, we do enjoy it... but there's nothing wrong with enjoying your work, is there?!).

English humour: Competitive Dad Goes Fishing (VIDEO)

Fast show competitive dad fishing

My own Dad, Mike Green, took me fishing as a boy, but luckily for me he wasn’t like this at all. But many things in this sketch ring true. I hope you enjoy it!

FIGHT! Fisherman versus fisherman…

Osprey attacks fisherman

In the modest words of the guy who made it: “This video is amazing!” …The thing is, he’s right. One angler stealing from another like this is pretty rare. Funnily enough he says, “I wasn’t afraid…”. Yeah right!

Funny Fishing Stereotypes

I didn’t know this, but there are a bunch of guys in the USA who make funny videos about different stereotypes. This is their fishing one. Enjoy…

Drunk fisherman – WARNING – Offensive Language

Drunk fisherman

These videos both made me laugh out loud. They’re both pretty offensive – with really bad language and vomiting – but they’re both pretty funny too.

VIDEO: Whether or not you like fly fishing, you’re gonna like this

Fly fishing video

You don’t have to be a fisherman to enjoy this trout fishing video – it’s packed full of stunning scenery and non-stop dry fly action. I watched to the end.

What is a shark afraid of?

Red grouper jason arnold

A few months back we posted two videos showing how aggressive a goliath grouper can be. Well here are two more. Watch the grouper devour a large shark whole. Pretty awesome!