Epic battle with a large Atlantic salmon

This video was sent to me by my good friend, Andy Blyth – an avid fly fisherman and occasional contributor to this website. Andy loves salmon – fact. He lives in Newcastle and can often be found wetting his worm (so to speak) in various nearby rivers, including the Tweed and Tyne. It’s longer than most videos I post, but it’s worth it – it’s an epic battle and a lovely fish…

The video features a thirty-pound salmon, which takes a liking to the rapids of Sweden’s Byske River and decides to make a bid for the ocean. The actual fight lasted 35 minutes, during which time the fish dragged the angler down more than 1km of river.

Andy’s words were: “This is the best I’ve seen, reminds me of a battle when i was about 16 on North Tyne!!”. (If you’re wondering what that’s all about, you can read all about it here.)

Here’s a video of Andy in action. Following a severe rugby injury some years ago, which almost left him paralysed for life, Andy is no longer the most fleet of foot. But that doesn’t stop him enjoying his fishing. Top man.

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James Green loves nothing more than casting a fly in pursuit of salmon, seatrout or, when the opportunity arises, a tailing bonefish, tarpon or permit.