My favourite tench fishing venues

You may have read about my session at one of my favourite tench fishing venues (among other species!), Earith Lakes Fishery, between Huntingdon and Cambridge. Having enjoyed fishing it with my good pal, Bob Church, I thought a I would pay a return visit before the Autumn temperatures started dropping. This time my plan was to arrive in the late afternoon, drag a swim clear of the Canadian pondweed, which had been somewhat of a nuisance previously, put some bait in and commence operations early the next morning.

Tench fishing venues

All went smoothly, and I was comfortably in position on the gorgeous Skeet’s Lake as soon as it became light enough to see the float. Things were looking good with patches of tench and bream bubbles coming to the mirror-calm surface here and there, and I was not too surprised when, without warning, my float disappeared. I was using my delightful 12-foot Drennan Ultralight Matchpro rod and 3.5 lb breaking strain line, and the outfit was tested to the limit by whatever I had become attached to. This super little rod is really intended for fish up to 3lbs or so, but by carefully watching my ‘playing angles’, eventually I was able to nurse a huge bream to the surface where, at the last minute it dropped off just short of the landing net… Blast!

Somewhat crest-fallen (it would have made a great photo), I recast with a cocktail of sweetcorn and double maggot on the size 12 hook. After a short wait away went the float again. This time, after a typically prolonged fight, I was able to slip the net under a decent tench of 5lbs or so – a beautiful fish in top condition. That cheered me up considerably and my day was made when it was followed by three more, all about the same size. In addition I had three or four modest perch, several nice rudd and a nasty old eel (not my favourite!), which fortunately I was able to unhook and release safely. At this point the rising sun seemed to bring the action to an end.

What a very pleasant fishing experience it had been once again, and to top it off the lovely Alex – co-owner of the venue, came around to see how I had done, and took a nice picture of two of the tench. With a labrador in one hand and my camera in the other this was quite a feat!

Martin and Alex have done wonders at the fishery – grass cut, swims created, and with a syndicated carp lake, a well-stocked day-ticket trout lake and the excellent coarse lake I was on, the whole place is more than worth a visit. You are unlikely to be disappointed!

You can see information about Earith Lakes here

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