First spring carp

I have just returned from my first trip of the spring season to my pal Ken’s delightful fishery in Staffordshire. After all the rain we have endured throughout the winter, the ground was extremely soggy, necessitating several wheelbarrow journeys from my car to the welcoming log cabin to transfer all my bits and pieces. It was great to be there again however, after an absence of a few months, and my joy was complete when one hour after my arrival my tame pike showed up, fins bristling and awaiting a few sacrificial rudd! She (for surely it is a female) appears to have put on some weight since our last encounter, and now looks to be about 15/16 pounds – quite an impressive fish! Uncanny really when you think of the many weeks since I was there, and total proof to my mind that fish do indeed have memories.

Ken's middle pool

Ken’s middle pool – here in autumn colours

She readily accepted my offerings, and hung about for more as I assembled my carp outfits and sent three pop-ups out into the depths. I then had a short walk around half the lake with my pike fly rod (keeping well clear of my pet, of course!) and managed just one small pike – about 5 pounds but in perfect order. Then it was time to start preparing the chicken curry ready for Ken’s arrival. As it turned out Ryan joined us as well, ensuring there was no curry left for poor Max (my dog)!!

While slicing the chicken breasts I clumsily sliced into my thumb, and whilst looking for a plaster, wouldn’t you know it? – one of my carp rods roared off, resulting in a leather carp of twenty pounds exactly – my first spring carp this year – and a reel smothered in blood! All part of the ‘dozey old git’ syndrome, I’m afraid!!

20lb leather carp

Mike Green with a twenty-pound leather carp

Apart from a memorable evening celebrating with Ryan, followed by a twelve-hour slumber, there was nothing much else to report carp-wise, but it was a nice little start to the season and, fish or no fish, time spent there is never wasted. Roll on the warmer weather!

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Although a bit of a pike fanatic, Mike Green has been fishing in the UK and abroad for most of his life, catching coarse, sea and game fish in the UK, Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, Asia and Americas.