Fishing in the Canary Islands

A big thank you to Rafael Rivero Hierro for sharing his photographs of fishing in the Canary Islands. Without Rafael’s email, I would probably have assumed that the Canary Islands wasn’t the best fishing area – it’s a big tourist destination, which might make one think it is very heavily fished. But if you know what you’re doing, this isn’t actually the case at all.

By practising catch and release wherever possible, fishermen like Rafael and his friends have done their bit towards preserving their local fishery and, as you can see from the photographs, they’re the ones reaping the rewards.

The fact is that, no matter how many fish are caught by commercial fishermen, practising catch and release does make a difference, however small. Thank you Rafael for your email and your wonderful pictures. Everyone here at wishes you the very best for the future. Tight lines!

If you’re interested in seeing the best of Rafael’s photographs, you can see them on his website, which features some excellent fishing photographs, both from the Canary Islands and from elsewhere around the world.

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James Green loves nothing more than casting a fly in pursuit of salmon, seatrout or, when the opportunity arises, a tailing bonefish, tarpon or permit.