Fishing shows get attractive lady presenter

One thing that most fishing shows have in common is that they generally have male presenters. OK, this may not be too surprising given the fact that the vast majority of fishermen (if I can use that word loosely) are men. Sorry ladies, but it’s a fact. However, if there’s one thing that fishermen like more than fishing, it’s girls who like fishing. (If you’re not convinced, take a quick look at our fishing girls page and come back to me!)

OK, maybe not all girls fish wearing a G-string, but the fact is that dudes like girls who share their passion catching fish. Have a look at a couple of the posts we’ve put on our GooglePlus page, here and here. They almost always get more likes and comments than pictures of men holding fish…just as they do on Facebook. And why not?!

So, in the spirit of harnessing this audience of red-blooded fishermen, one of the fishing shows in the USA called The New Fly Fisher has recently recruited a very attractive lady presenter called Rebekka Redd. Rebekka is photographer, model, horse rider, actress, presenter, animal lover and, of course, a darn fine angler. She’s caught fish all over North America and beyond, and has a particular affinity with fly fishing – catching various types of trout, bass, salmon, pike and bonefish, among others.

The only sad thing is that her fishing shows aren’t available outside North America, so those of us outside the US of A and Canada will just have to put up with stills:

You can read more about Rebekka on her website, which was the source for the photographs in this post. Thanks Rebekka!

James Green About James Green

James Green loves nothing more than casting a fly in pursuit of salmon, seatrout or, when the opportunity arises, a tailing bonefish, tarpon or permit.