Fly Fishing in Solvenia

UK fishing photographer, Matt Harris, lives a life many (all?!) fishermen would envy. He’s caught pretty much every fish under the sun, most of them on fly, and travels the world in pursuit of new adventures almost every month. It doesn’t pay, he told me, but it does give him a life he loves.

Rainbow trout fishing in Slovenia

Recently Matt travelled to Slovenia, where despite torrential rain, he caught “marble trout, beautiful browns & monster rainbows” in the hands of “Slovenian superguide” Rok Lustrik and his colleagues, Bostjan & Luca. As the photographs will show you, they caught plenty of gorgeous fish.

I recently had the pleasure of fishing with Matt, and I can tell you first-hand, he’s a great angler. You won’t meet many fishermen with Matt’s powers of concentration and observation. he stook with me while I fished for 15 minutes, and despite considering myself a fairly experienced and decent angler, I learned a little glimpse of how much I didn’t know!

See the rest of Matt’s photos here.

Slovenian fishing guide Rok Lustrik
[Image credit: Rok Lustrik]

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