Goliath Grouper Strikes Back

We’ve written about goliath groupers before, like this post where you can see a grouper take a spear fisherman’s prized catch; but here’s one where the groupers seem to get their own back…


These fish are true giants of the deep, and they’re well known for their bad tempers. I once dived the Yongala wreck off the East Coast of Australia, where among a whole host of other creatures we saw a family of bull sharks and a huge grouper. It wasn’t the sharks the dive crew warned us about…

“We’ve never had a problem with those sharks in more than 20 years of diving,” said the owner of the dive operation. “Watch out for that grouper though; he’s grumpy. He’s dislocated a few shoulders, so make sure you don’t get too close.”


This video gives you a fair idea of how big they are – this one’s just a baby at around 500lbs!



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