We’re gonna need a bigger bait

Check out the size of this worm!

Massive earthworm

Fishermen everywhere are searching through their tackle boxes and fish books, trying to imagine the size of the fish you’d need to justify baiting up with something like this!

It’s a large-bodied earthworm, found in the foothills of Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador, and identified as Martiodrilus crassus by the people at species discovery site, Project Noah. It measured around 1.5 meters in length and, although it wasn’t weighed, it was estimated at tipping the scales at about a pound. Amazing.

Giant earthworm

The comedians at Yahoo! Canada News claim that ‘Martiodrilus crassus’ is Latin for “worm which feeds on dogs and small children”… I guess it may as well be!

The Yahoo! people also go on to explain that this isn’t actually the planet’s biggest worm. Australia’s Giant Gippsland earthworm (below) can reach 3 metres in length – twice the size of the worm pictured above. Terrific… in both senses of the word!

Why don’t we see more pictures of these worms? Simple – they don’t usually make it to the Earth’s surface – they prefer life underground, where crazy-looking scientists don’t manhandle them and force them to climb along sticks. In fact, the only way they’re normally located is through the gurgling sounds their bodies make underground.

Believe it or not, there are over 6,000 named species of earthworms – there’s a fact for your next pub quiz!

[Images of Giant Gippsland Earthworm courtesy of Twenty Two Words]

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