Holmes Farm Fishery, Leicestershire

Holmes Farm Fishery, Leicestershire

Yesterday I spent the morning walking Max, then acquiring hanging baskets and flowers for the garden. After hanging up the former and planting the latter, I had four free hours before a planned evening barbeque: just time, I thought, to pay another visit to that nice little day-ticket fishery near Lubenham, Holmes Farm.

With not much kit required and the convenience of driving the car right to your chosen swim, this place has some serious advantages for the casual fisherman. I found half a dozen other anglers already fishing quietly but there is plenty of room and I chose a spot on the downwind side of the pool, all on my own. Arriving with my made-up rods on the car clips, I was set up in no time with my light quiver-tip outfit, with a small feeder and a chunk of luncheon meat on a barbless no 10 hook. Several casts to the island produced bites, all of which I missed, but fish were rolling right in front of me, so it seemed pointless casting further. Sure enough, a five yard lob produced an almost instant response, as around shot the rod tip and I was playing my first fish – an F1 of about 2lbs. Max was unimpressed but quite happy snoozing next to me on the grass!

Bite after bite ensued and I seemed to be playing carp of 2 to 5lbs pretty constantly, with the occasional roach, bream and tench – hectic fishing and great fun! After netting 20 fish I decided on a change and set up my very light Drennan match rod, 3lb line and float tackle set 4” over-depth. This again resulted in instant action, and more fish of the same calibre came to the net. As I lifted into what turned out to be my last bite, the drag on my little Shimano reel screamed in protest as an obviously bigger carp charged unstoppably out into the lake, taking probably 30 yards of line before it slowed down. There then followed a lengthy battle for some 10 minutes or so, with the rod bent into a constant hoop. It seemed to go on forever but eventually persistence paid off and I was able to net a nice double-figure mirror carp – very small compared to the monsters at other venues, I know, but on the tackle I was using it was plenty big and strong enough!

Five minutes later saw me packed up, loaded, and on my way home in plenty of time to get the barbeque fired up. This kind of fishing would not appeal to everyone, I am quite sure, but believe me it has plenty going for it!!

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Although a bit of a pike fanatic, Mike Green has been fishing in the UK and abroad for most of his life, catching coarse, sea and game fish in the UK, Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, Asia and Americas.