This Supertrawler Catch Will Make Your Eyes Water (I Hope)

This first video shows you the staggering number of fish a large trawler can sweep up in one net; but that’s nothing compared to the giant ‘supertrawlers’ shown below. Supertrawlers operate nets the length of four jumbo jets, and feature huge onboard processing plant capable of processing 4,500 tons of fish without returning to port.

The two-year supertrawler ban imposed in Australia in 2012 expired in November, a fact that wasn’t lost on the international fleet of freezer-factory trawlers. Whatever the Australian public achieve by petitioning their Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, it’s a stark reminder of how humankind’s incessant progress towards greater efficiency, is making our impact on the natural environment more and more significant.

We all like finding fresh fish in our supermarkets, but there will come a point where we have harvested far beyond our oceans’ ability to replenish. What happens then?

If you want to read more about this, there’s a pretty compelling short film here.

You can read more about Australia’s petition here.

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