Lifetime Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak Review

The Lifetime Payette sit-in fishing kayak is an interesting design. Although it’s a fairly run-of-the-mill “sit-inside” kayak – complete with large cockpit and comfortable backrest – it’s unique hull design makes it extremely stable. So much so, in fact, that you could take this kayak down through white water with relative confidence.

Lifetime Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak

Product specifications

  • Length: 116 inches
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Height: 14 inches
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Originates from USA
  • UV-Protected high-density polyethylene
  • Comfortable seating with seat-back
  • Flat bottom design for manoeuvrability


Product Review

Thanks to its flat bottom, “chine rails” and deep grooves, this is a very sturdy, stable fishing kayak. At this price point, it is excellent value. It can withstand its fair share knocks and rough conditions, and its combination of lightweight body and well-placed carry handles means it is easy to transport and manoeuvre. If you decide to take to the rougher water, its easy to add a spray top, and the sealed compartment behind the seat makes for very convenient storage. For people who are just starting to kayak fish, this is not a bad option.

Pros of Lifetime Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak

  • Stability
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient storage behind the seat
  • Comfortable seat
  • Reasonable price

Cons of Lifetime Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak

  • Roomy enough for bigger anglers, but carrying capacity limited to 250 pounds
  • The cockpit edges can feel sharp
  • Tracking inferior to other, similar kayaks
  • Footrests are not adjustable (although only the tallest anglers will find this an issue)

Best Feature

We try not to talk too much about price, but this is a very good entry-level kayak. For the money, it’s hard to pick a better one. The pro’s will definitely outweigh the con’s for most anglers.

Worst Feature

There are two worst features: capacity and tracking, both of which may affect larger kayakers more than smaller ones. For anglers who like to carry a lot of gear, a kayak that can transport more than 250 pounds may be preferable. Likewise, the Lifetime Payette’s tracking issues are more pronounced when under heavy load.

My Personal Tips

If you’re not a big person and you’re looking for a good boat to start your kayaking adventures in, this is a decent option. The tracking issues won’t be obvious if you haven’t done much kayaking before, and you’ll probably appreciate the extra stability. If you’re experienced, I’d recommend paying a bit more and getting exactly what you want. This kayak definitely involves compromises.

Customer Reviews

With an average Amazon rating of 3.7, this little kayak definitely has its fair share of happy customers. They love its stability, comfort and value-for-money. More experienced kayakers mark it down for its tracking and paddling prowess, but overall it seems to be well received.

I’ve used this at least 50 times now and it’s been awesome. 5 stars easy.

How to Buy

This kayak is available for purchase on Amazon. Buy it now >>


This kayak can be used in many ways ranging from touring, recreation, angling and even whitewater. It’s a great little beginner’s kayak, and – if treated with a reasonable amount of care – should provide many years of happy kayak fishing.

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