Live Target Baitball Lure

LiveTarget BaitBall Crankbait

This year’s ICAST fishing show in the USA saw this ingenius new lure design from US-based firm, Koppers. As opposed to more traditional painted lures, their new ‘Live Target Baitball Lure’ features multiple small fish moulds, which actually sit together inside a transparent outer shell.

The lures promise to fill a large gap in the lure market – something to use when fish are feeding on very small fry. Sometimes you just can’t find a lure small enough, but these might make the perfect alternative. They are designed to imitate not one small fry, but a group of fry, all swimming together.

Koppers Baitball Lure

The concept was dreamed up when lure designers observed the feeding behaviour of wild bass. The bass would often hunt by smashing into large shoals of baitfish, herding them into smaller breakaway groups, then gorging on the smaller groups when they could no longer benefit from safety in numbers. As opposed to mimicking just one small fry, which creates all kinds of size and weight issues, the Koppers designers decided to imitate several.

Koppers BaitBall Deep Diver Crankbait

The lures come in various sizes and designs, ranging from 2.5-inch poppers and crankbaits to 4.5-inch jerkbaits. They are expected to cost around US$19.99 and will be available in major retailers later in 2013.

Koppers baitball jerkbait

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