What to look for in a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Kayak Fishing PaddleThere are several different types of paddles available to you in the market today. The kayak paddle is much different from the paddles we use in our boats and canoes. Boat and canoe paddles are single blade paddles that are usually about 3’ to 4’ long and is designed to give you more of a power stroke. A kayak paddle is much different in that they are usually double bladed paddles that are used to give you power but is also used more as a navigator. We will look at some of things to look at when you are ready to choose a good fishing kayak paddle.

Important factors of kayak fishing paddle

  • The length of the paddle
  • The shape of the shaft
  • The materials used for the paddle

The paddle length

The length of a kayak paddle is determined by a couple of factors. To determine which length is right for you need to decide if you will be fishing sitting in your kayak or if you will be elevated on a seat. These are known as sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks. The width of your kayak is also another determining factor on the length you desire. The most common length is around 230mm to 235mm. You can also purchase a paddle that is adjustable. I would suggest speaking to someone that has purchased a paddle recently and test the paddle out to see if it is the right fit for you.

Straight or bent shaft

bent shaft kayak paddleA straight shaft paddle will provide you with a more traditional feel and is less expensive than a bent shaft paddle. The shaft on this paddle is straight but the blades are feathered to help you produce power and speed with your stroke. One of the advantages that a bent shaft has over a straight shaft is the ergonomic feel that you get from the bent shaft paddle. I like to use a bent shaft because I found that when I would lie the paddle down across my legs while I was fishing it seem to fit my legs better and would stay down out of the way. If I would get tangles up the bent shaft mad it easier to use one handed while I was holding my rod with the other hand. A bent shaft paddle in my opinion is better suited for a fishing kayak paddle.

Paddle materials

Kayak paddles are constructed from several types of materials. Wood is the most common and oldest materials that paddles have been constructed from. If you like the old school feel that gives you and good power stroke in the water this is your paddle. Wooden paddles were used a lot by older kayakers. Fiberglass was the next materials available to a kayak owner. These paddles were light weight and maintenance free. Because of the light weight of these paddles they would make a good choice for a good paddle to use for fishing. The best paddle for kayak fishing is the carbon fiber because it is the lightest weight paddle you can get. This high tech material will give you the strength and durability you need when it comes to a great fishing kayak paddle.

I cannot tell you which paddle will be the perfect fit for you. The only way to tell which paddle is right for you is for you to go out and try them for yourself. The paddle is your outboard motor or trolling motor when it comes to kayak fishing. However what I can do to help is to direct you to some of the best kayak paddle available in the market today.

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