Malibu Two Tandem Fishing Kayak Review

The Malibu Two Tandem Fishing Kayak is one of the world’s favourite sit-on-top tandem fishing kayaks. For all-round practicality and capability, this is one of the leaders in the entire sit-on-top category. It’s not what you’d call cheap but also not one of the more expensive kayaks. At 12 feet and 59 pounds, the Malibu Two has proven many anglers’ kayak of choice for some years.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Fishing Kayak Review

Product review

The Malibu Two Tandem Fishing Kayak is among the most sought-after sit-on-top kayaks in the fishing world. With space and set-ups for one, two and two-and-a-half passengers (two adults and a child), this is a very practical kayak, with some neat little features. The Malibu Two has three seating positions – one each in the bow, stern and middle. This makes it usable in three different configurations: solo, tandem, or tandem with a child. It features the Ocean Kayaks’ patented overlapping foot wells, plus gear straps, handles and integrated skid plate.

Pros of Malibu Two Tandem Fishing Kayak

  • The kayak accommodates two anglers, plus a child or pet
  • Carries up to 425 pounds (190kg+)
  • Stable, tracks well and easy to paddle
  • Comfortable seats, with seat-backs as standard
  • Plenty of open deck space
  • Can be easily modified to add storage compartments

Cons of Malibu Two Tandem Fishing Kayak

  • The price is on the high side
  • Quite heavy for a kayak of this size
  • Lack of storage
  • Seats are a little basic and flimsy

Best Feature

The best feature of Malibu Two Tandem Fishing Kayak is its versatility and all-round capability. Although not a standout performer in any single category – comfort, speed, stability, storage, etc – this is the kind of kayak you’ll find yourself reaching for first. Its no-nonsense image, robust build and paddle-friendly hull make it many fishermen’s favourite – including those with multiple kayak models in their garage.

If you’re looking for only 1 kayak to fulfil multiple purposes, then look no further than the Malibu Two!

Worst Feature

Probably the worst feature of the Malibu Two is the lack of storage. Although not uncommon in sit-on-top kayaks, a lack of storage can still be a limitation for many anglers, who typically take to the water with a significant amount of equipment – some of which they prefer to keep dry.

My Personal Tips

Although the claims that this kayak fits two adults and a child are fair, please note that this wouldn’t leave much space for fishing gear. If you want to fish, even two large anglers and their gear can feel somewhat cramped. What’s more, with this being a sit-on kayak with no storage, you and your gear are not going to stay dry. For me, a dry bag is a must. Finally, at 59 pounds, this is a middle-weight among two-person kayaks. It’s possible to car-load it alone, although definitely easier for two people sharing the load.

Customer review

The Malibu Two Tandem Fishing Kayak is a firm favourite with anglers. Most people agree that it’s a great all-rounder, giving it an impressive average Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The Malibu Two is the Swiss Army Knife of kayaks; it does just about everything

How to buy

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This is one of the most popular tandem sit-on-top kayaks for good reason. It’s nicely designed, well-built, and as stable as you’re going to get in the sit-on-top category. Not cheap but not expensive, it’s a good all-rounder and has a good chance of being your kayak of choice.

To see the Malibu Two in action, check out the video below:

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