Watch the first 1:30secs – massive brown trout

Matt Heron Brown Trout

I can only assume that this guy, Matt Heron, knew where this massive brown trout was lying, then went there with his camera guy to film it. Nevertheless,it’s a great video.

There are few things in this video worthy of mention:

  1. First, as you can see just before he nets the fish, it’s a very narrow, shallow river and he hooks it right under his own feet. It never ceases to surprise me how a thin bit of water can hold big fish, and I’m amazed he didn’t spook it. Having said that, he approached it from slightly downstream, so maybe it didn’t see him?
  2. In my opinion, he’s pretty premature with the net and he comes very close to paying the price. OK, it’s a big fish and maybe it wouldn’t fit easily into the net, but it definitely wasn’t ready. He’d have kicked himself had it got away!
  3. Whatever I say, he caught it, and it is a massive browny. Wow – well done sir!


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