Muskie versus trout: video

Pike versus trout

Check out this video, which we spotted on, of a hungry muskie attempting to swallow a brown trout around half its size. Muskie, like their cousin, the Northern and European pike, are known for being fierce predators and are happy tackling large prey, which include fish, crustaceans and even waterfowl (see our previous video of pike eating ducks).

The distinctive vertical stripes covering this fish’s flanks suggest it’s a tiger muskie, which is a hybrid of northern pike and true muskellunge.

As Wide Open Spaces reports:

“Tiger muskie are northern fish that can be found in the Great Lakes region, Ohio and St. Lawrence Rivers and Upper Mississippi Valley. They’ll eat anything from a small perch to trout half their size. Tiger muskie, and their true muskellunge cousins, are very challenging to catch, so much so that they’re sometimes called ‘the fish of 10,000 casts.'”

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