Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak Review

The Ocean Kayak Banzai is without doubt one of the best children’s kayaks on the market. It incorporates some clever features, like the skid plate, which protects the bottom of the kayak in case it comes into contact with the ground. We all know how ‘careful’ our kids can be when they’re exploring! The tag-and-tow system can also come in handy when your young one inevitably runs out of energy, stops paddling and demands a tow.

Ocean Kayak Banzai - Best Kids Kayaks

Product Review

For kids the Ocean Kayak Banzai is perfect. Granted, with a carry capacity of more than 300 pounds, it can cope with a large adult too, but that definitely wasn’t the intention. Its lightweight design, low profile deck (useful for paddling with short arms!), good looks and decent build quality make it a great starter kayak for the little ones. There’s also a clever ‘tag along system’, which makes it easy to tow when your pride and joy needs a rest.

Pros of Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak

  • Hard-wearing design is perfect for kids
  • Useful bow, stern and side carry handles
  • Tag along tow system
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable, contoured seats
  • Low profile deck ideal for small paddlers
  • Cup holder

Cons of Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak

  • No drainage holes
  • Limited storage space
  • Although capable, this is not ideal for adults
  • Not suitable for rough conditions

Best Feature

The Ocean Kayak Banzai has a tag-and-tow system, which comes in very handy when your little ones become too exhausted to paddle.

Worst Feature

If you’re looking for a practical, multi-purpose kayak, we suggest you look elsewhere. Although ideal for the kids, this kayak cannot carry adults, has very limited storage space, ships water in rough conditions, and has no drainage holes to get rid of it.

My Personal Tips

If you think your kids might enjoy kayaking, but you don’t want to risk thousands of dollars to find out they don’t, this is a good option. Great value for money, lightweight and reasonably well-built, it’s a nice little entry-level kayak that doesn’t require a huge strength to manoeuvre. At a stretch, you can even enjoy paddling this little boat yourself.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customer reviews are positive. People don’t like the lack of drainage holes, but even large, 6-foot-tall say how much they’ve enjoyed owning one of these. On Amazon the Banzai is tracking at 3.6 out of 5 stars, but statistically it should probably be doing better.

Love this boat! Great for kids of all ages. Easy to carry and transport. It tracks straight. Very stable. And faster than all other sit-on-top kayaks we have used.

How to Buy

This kayak is available for purchase on Amazon. Buy it now >>


This Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak is specifically designed for children but, at a push, can handle even large adults. Overall though, the low profile, child friendly seating and lightweight design is well suited to small bodies. And the tag along tow system lets you lend a hand when your little kayakers are too tired to paddle. For the children, it’s a good kayak.

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