Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak

The popular Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak is one of the most comfortable models out there. It comes with adjustable flex seats, a nice amount of padding, and a moulded-in paddle rest. These features combine to make a big difference to comfort levels, especially if you’re planning a long trip.

Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak


The Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak is perhaps the number one choice for fishermen. It has a moulded cockpit tray, cup holder and a sitting position that promotes a low centre-of-gravity. This gives the kayak great stability without losing any of its comfort. That’s important when you’re throwing out lures all day! It features moulded carry handles, a stern day-well for storage (for all those fish!), a skid plate, and a plug for easy drainage.
Perhaps of most importance to fishermen will be its two flush-mounted rod holders, located behind the seat, plus the anchor with trolley system, and deck bungee. These features come in useful when positioning your boat and handling lots of fishing gear.

Pros of Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak

  • Practical and easy to manoeuvre while out fishing
  • Easily customised with added storage
  • Reasonably agile for its size
  • Stable enough to carry a lot of weight

Cons of Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak

  • Storage options are limited without adding extras or customising
  • Restricted leg movement due to cockpit design (not unusual in kayaks obviously)
  • Relatively high price
  • At 49lbs it’s not the lightest option on the market

Best Feature

The best feature of this kayak has to be its comfort-level. The seating position gives reasonably good freedom of movement, yet also gives a confidence-inspiring feeling of stability. Thumbs up.

Worst Feature

The worst feature of this fishing kayak is probably its weight. Though it adds to the vessel’s stability, while cruising, this weight has obvious disadvantages – particularly speed, transportation and child-friendliness.

My personal tips

Although the kayak comes with an anchor, don’t make the mistake of thinking it comes with a paddle – it doesn’t. Buy a paddle separately to avoid the disappointment of not being able to try it out when it arrives!

Customer Review

This modern kayak has received numerous positive, mainly 5-star, reviews. Its weighted average rating is 4.7 on Amazon making it among the top-rated products in this category. Most customers seem to like how roomy and stable it is.

How to buy

This kayak is available for purchase on Amazon. Buy it now >>


The Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak offers a great combination of usability, stability, space, comfort and affordability. Its layout offers ample storage for fishing gear, and its built-in rod holders mean you can literally start fishing the moment it arrives, with no need for modification.

For more information on the Old Town Vapor, check out the video below:

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