Riot Kayaks Escape Flatwater Fishing Kayak Review

Riot Kayaks Escape Flatwater Fishing Kayak Review

The Riot Kayaks Escape Flatwater Fishing Kayak can be used for various reasons such as for diving, fishing or playing around in the water hence very useful.

Massive steelhead caught on video

If, like me, you’ve never caught a steelhead, this video goes a long way to capturing the excitement. What a fish to catch on light tackle, and it’s interesting to see the style of fishing. One for the bucket list.

Alaska’s Red Salmon Run Shot From The Sky

Salmon run from the sky

If you’re sitting there wondering how you’re ever going to get over the Christmas feasting, you’ve probably got 4 or 5 minutes spare for this stunning video of sockeye salmon in Alaska.

Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded Blade Review

Shoreline Marine Rounded Kayak Paddles

Product specifications Length 52 inches Width 8 inches Width 3 inches Shipping weight 2.2 pounds       Summary Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded Blade is undoubtedly one of the best value for money paddles on the market. It is not only affordable but also surprisingly high quality and hard-wearing. if you want a dependable, […]

Experience the best kayak paddles

Best Kayak Paddles

Over a long period of time, manufacturers have been focusing on designing the best fishing kayak but not so much on kayak accessories. It took them a long time to realize that people have been looking for the best paddle to use for their kayaking experience. This ought to be a comfortable strong and light […]

Best Life Jacket for kayak fishing

Best Life Jacket for Kayak Fishing

The search for the best life jacket for kayak fishing that serves all your needs can be very daunting. This has proved to be a challenge to many anglers who have found themselves settling for what they never intended to have. This needs not be the case as there is known jackets that will give […]