Fishing knots for braided line

Grinner Knot1

This simple knot is suitable for both nylon and braided lines or a combination of the two. I find it useful for attaching a hook securely to the line/leader, or for joining two lines together, including joining a ‘shock leader’ to the running line. If you would use ONLY this knot for ALL your fishing, […]

Airflo V-Lite Fly Reel Review

Aiflo V-Lite

Given the cost of the reel, which is less than half the price of the next cheapest sealed drag reel on the market, the Airflo V-Lite is a great purchase.

Orvis 7/8 Anti-Reverse Fly Reel

Orvis Fly Reel Review

I love this reel. It was left to me by my late stepfather, who used if for years catching bonefish in the Bahamas, Christmas Island, Mexico and Cuba. I now use it for all manner of species – from exotic saltwater species like bonefish and this trevally to small trout in the reservoirs of Northamptonshire. It is perfect for both.

Holmes Farm Fishery, Leicestershire

Holmes Farm Fishery, Leicestershire

Yesterday I spent the morning walking Max, then acquiring hanging baskets and flowers for the garden. After hanging up the former and planting the latter, I had four free hours before a planned evening barbeque: just time, I thought, to pay another visit to that nice little day-ticket fishery near Lubenham, Holmes Farm. With not […]

How To Attach Fly Line To Backing

Join backing and line1

What I am about to describe seems so obvious it could be a waste of effort but it took my good friend, Jamie Groom, and I some time and experimenting before we arrived at this result. For my pike fly fishing I invariably use an 11-weight Airflo shooting-head, coupled to Airflo 50lb level ‘Ridge’ running-line […]

Where to shore fish for cod and whiting in the UK

East coast cod fishing, UK

The best shore fishing is invariably after dark when fish tend to venture closer in to shore. Sea fish do not tend to be tackle-shy, especially in the coloured water of the North Sea, and complicated end rigs are not necessary.