A question of mistaken identity


This comical but true little tale occurred many years ago now, but still makes me chuckle when I recall it. At the time I shared a 19-foot fishing boat with Rod Barley – a quiet, well-mannered and even tempered lad, same age as me, and who was (and still is) a lifelong great friend. The […]

New Zealand record brown trout – is it me?

Catching Trout in Crystal Waters of New Zealand

I’m lucky enough to have fished in New Zealand while living over there flying hang gliders in 2004. In my opinion, the scenery is better than anything you’ll find anywhere – clearly one reason why Peter Jackson chose it as the location for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit – and I […]

A great ‘laid back’ day

A good friend of mine, Bob McDonald, has occasional access to some very private water in North Northamptonshire on a lovely estate and, when I am lucky enough, I am sometimes invited to join him for a roach fishing session. Such was the case last week on a day when the bitter winter weather had […]

An unlikely capture

Amazing duo

Some three or four years ago Bob (Church) announced that he had arranged for us to catch Pike in the Nene, fly-fishing for the camera of Peter Gathercole and a couple of members of Trout Fisherman magazine staff, including the editor. Our reward was to receive a couple of copies of the relevant edition each […]

Muddy water pike on fly

Muddy water pike

At last the weather (dare I say it?) appears to have taken a turn for the better, and we have now enjoyed three or four days of calm, cold and sunny conditions. Despite this however the meadows are all either still flooded or at best sodden, and coloured water is running into the Nene from […]

16lb Atlantic salmon from the Tyne

Fishing Bait

After a very hard week fishing together for salmon on the River Lyon in Perthshire, my pal Andy Blyth and I decided to have a few casts on a stretch of the River Tyne on our way back south. It was great to see a few fish running in a river that was once so polluted, and even better to catch a lovely one like this!