Memories of (Sir) Robert Biddulph

Lord Biddulph

I have always been a creature of the outdoors. As a small boy I was always out in the fields or by a stream looking at the wild animals and fish, and it was inevitable that I would become an enthusiastic participant in fishing and field sports. I caught my first fish, a perch, when […]

Persistence pays on Chew Valley Reservoir

Reservoir piking

Every year I try to include a couple of 2 day trips to Chew Valley Lake in order to indulge my favourite passion, namely fly fishing for pike. Many years ago I regularly fished Chew and Blagdon, initially with my first wife Lesley and later with my father who went down there to live in […]

Cormorants: a letter to my MP

Cormorant Picture

Dear Michael Ellis, I am sending you this email in part frustration, part desperation! My name is Mike Green. I am one of your constituents, a retired optometrist (age 71 – although I can’t believe it), living in Chapel Brampton for the last 32 years, and  a lifelong country sportsman. I have had the honour  […]

Return to Earith Lakes

Earith Lakes Owners House

A few years ago my great friend and fishing pal, Bob Church, introduced me to this beautiful fishery in the fenlands of Cambridgeshire, and I liked it at first sight. Bob had previously caught some enormous rainbow trout there, including one over 20 pounds, as well as specimen rudd, bream, tench and carp. He was […]

Tarpon video, Costa Rica

Definitely better in full-screen mode. I know it’s 7 minutes long, but I hope you make it through to the end!! All the best, Jim  

Do fish get too full to eat?

Russell Cowell Small Pike from Chew

As some of you may know, I’ve been feeding a pike since it attacked my keep-net over a year ago. I tend to save a few deadbeats for her whenever I visit the fishery and, without fail, she always turns up before I leave. She’s normally keen as mustard but, as this video shows, she’s […]