Catching large pike from the River Nene


I am a self-confessed compulsive fisherman to the extent that I sometimes wonder what people who don’t fish actually do with their lives?! That must sound very strange to the many disbelieving folk who have over the years said to me: “I don’t know how you can just SIT THERE?!”, or alternatively: “Don’t you get […]

An incredible experience

Nene perch fishing

A while ago I wrote a short article in ‘Pikelines’ describing a fabulous morning’s sport I had experienced fly fishing for pike on a local private estate lake. The action had been non-stop resulting in 21 pike boated (including 4 doubles) and plenty of really exciting on/offs and follows etc. I recall that my final […]

3 different methods for catching pike

Fly-caught twenty number 20!

My regular fishing pal, Bob Church, and I are very fortunate in having access to some wonderful  fishing venues, sometimes exclusive access, which is a rare privilege. One such place is a small midlands estate with two 35-acre gravel pits where no one else fishes for pike. Indeed we are only allowed on one of […]

Cormorants and fishing?

Cormorant Fishing

We anglers are continually moaning about the ever-increasing presence of cormorants – a predatory bird erroneously put on the protected list thanks to a bureaucratic cock-up by the E.U. (as I understand it, they wanted to protect the shag, a less numerous bird much like a cormorant, and evidently the name in Brussels covers both!). […]

Tarpon fishing at Silver King Lodge, Costa Rica

30lb Jack on Fly

Here’s a nice video from our tarpon fishing trip to Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica. Check out some of these big tarpon and jacks, which we caught on fly.

The Green luck holds firm!

Lucky escape for Mike Green

Enjoy your fishing at every opportunity. That is my heartfelt advice, and if it sounds a bit morbid let me relate an experience that showed me just how rapidly this sweet life could be curtailed. It happened a few years ago when my first Nissan Pathfinder (I am now on my third!) was almost three […]