Perception Pescador Fishing Kayak Review

The Perception Pescador Fishing Kayak may be among the best known kayaks globally. It’s a great performer – capable of achieving considerable speeds – yet it’s still a versatile, comfortable sit-on-top kayak that’s well suited to angling.

Perception R15 Pescadors 120 Kayak Review

Product specifications

  • Load capacity 350 pounds
  • Length 12 feet
  • Width 28 inches
  • Kayak weight 60 pounds

The Perception Pescador Pro 120 Fishing Kayak has a nice large cockpit which might appeal to larger or taller anglers, or anyone who packs a lot of gear. This, combined with all-round good stability, also makes the kayak easy to get in and out of – an unexpected, but nonetheless welcome, benefit.


Product Review

Perhaps the first feature that an owner of this kayak will point out is its unique hull design. This enables the kayak to track noticeably well in all conditions – swell, lakes, rivers, etc. The Perception Pescador Pro 120 also comes with a ‘comfort seating system’, which does what it says on the tin – enables anglers to sit for hours in relative comfort. It also features a mounted rod holder, a centre day hatch that gives ample storage for fish or gear, and a bow hatch complete with bungee cord.

Pros of Perception Pescador Fishing Kayak

  • Comfortable adjustable seating system with back support
  • 2 dry seals which can comfortably be used as hatch covers
  • Bow hatch storage space – ideal for an angler’s gear
  • Durable “rotomolded polythene” construction
  • Stern-mounted rod holder

Cons of Perception Pescador Fishing Kayak

  • At 60 pounds, this is a heavy beast
  • Reasonably expensive compared to other, similar kayaks
  • Can only accommodate one person
  • Seat could do with a touch more padding

Best Feature

A kayak like the Pescador Pro 120 has many great features, but arguably the best is its spacious, moulded cockpit. This is large enough for all but the very tallest and heaviest anglers. Combined with the comfortable seating system, it really is a kayak you could spend all day in.

Worst Feature

It’s hard to find a negative about this kayak, but if forced it would probably be the amount of padding in the seat. The seating position, however, is extremely comfortable, especially when combined with the available level of adjustment.

My Personal Tip

We’ve heard of these kayaks turning up sometimes with, sometimes without rod holders. We’d recommend checking with the seller to be sure. Likewise, this model – and most other kayaks – will not come with a paddle, so you’ll need to purchase that separately.

Customer’s Review

The Perception Pescador Fishing Kayak gets a lot of love from its users, who have given it a whopping 4.8 rating on Amazon. It’s not the cheapest kayak on the market, but those who’ve paid the price generally seem to think it was well worth the extra.

Great value, comfortable and easy to use

Where to Buy

This kayak is available for purchase on Amazon. Buy it now >>


The Perception Pescador Pro 120 is on many kayak fishermen’s wish list. From its comfortable seat to its ample storage, good handling and easy paddling, there’s a lot for the average kayak fisherman to love.

Pescador Pro 120 Video

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