Photography from Fin Addiction Charters

Back in 2011 I was lucky enough to fish with Captain Jeff Smith of Fin Addiction Charters – a sport fishing business aimed specifically at fly and light tackle enthusiasts. Focused on the waters around Cape Cod, from Provincetown to Chatham, Jeff was well known for being able to land anglers on top of massive schools of striped bass, as well as hungry bluefish and sometimes bluefin tuna.

As Jeff himself would often say, Cape Cod is a premier destination for the fishing enthusiast, and having seen it with our own eyes, we could only agree. During our trip there we landed dozens of big bass – most from the boat but also several while casting flies from the beach, which was fantastic fun. We also caught a few bluefish (well, some of us did: one member of our team, Jamie Groom, became something of a ‘bluey’ specialist – catching at least three bluefish while I believe the rest of us caught none!).

But my reason for sharing this story with you now is not actually to talk about Cape Cod’s rich fishing grounds; it’s to share with you Captain Jeff Smith’s other talent – photography. As you’ll see in the images below, he has quite the artist’s eye.

I believe that Jeff has now hung up his skipper’s hat for a career in real estate, but the fisherman in him can only stay away for so long. For more information, to try to tempt Jeff back out on the water, or to buy a property in Cape Cod(!), check out his website:

And here’s a short piece in Jeff’s own words, which I absolutely loved:

“Sitting in the office peering out my porthole window, I spot a rig that looked like mine and then my mind wanders back to when I did this and was known around the globe for the guy to put you on a bluefin with the whippy stick….. Pangs of pain…pangs of joy….Life is a journey… Many reasons….A daughter that I wanted and needed to spend more time with. Waking up and looking in the mirror and realizing I’m 50 and will be financially screwed if I keep doing what I’m doing. And getting on the water was becoming a nightmare with 1.30am launches to secure a parking spot during the striped bass commercial season….”

Should have been a poet, Jeff!
All the best,
James, Mike, Jamie and Ryan.

P.S. If you’re into bluefin tuna – check out this video. Would you have believed it was even possible?!

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