Pictures of leaping salmon

We recently spotted these pictures of leaping salmon taken by Fly Fishing Forum member, Cap’n Fishy. They were taken at Buchanty Spout on the Almond River in Perthshire – with the photographer sitting above the falls, just upriver from the bridge on the B8063 in Scotland.

Photographing leaping salmon

For anyone looking to take photographs of leaping salmon themselves, Cap’n Fishy had the following tips:

“I reckon a tripod is not the way to do it if you are after stills. I would recommend hand-holding and trying to pan with the fish and focus on it as it shoots past. Last year, I hand-held, but I tried to pre-focus on mid air and waited for a fish to fill the space. Then I pressed the shutter on hi-speed continuous while the fish was in the field of view, panning as best I could. Of course, the fish has to be the correct distance out, and very few of last year’s were exactly right. Most were just slightly out of focus… but, out of focus is, out of focus! That’s why this year I bit the bullet and as well as panning with the fish as it moved through the scene, I actively tried to focus on it before it disappeared back into the foam.

[…] “While my keeper rate wasn’t any higher than last year – less than 10% – the keepers were consistenly sharper. It may well be the improvement owed as much to luck as judgment, as in a lot of the shots I kept the fish had passed the focus points I was using by the time I managed to react and press the shutter. […]

“Whatever – it seemed to work.

“I used shutter priority and chose 1/1000s to 1/1500s depending on focal length (variously around 50mm to 135mm). I even spotted some motion blur in one of the 1/1500s shots.”

Location – where to shoot photographs of salmon

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Cap’n Fishy took most of his photos sitting right on top of Buchanty Spout on the Almond River. To get there, take the A9 northbound out of Perth. Just before you reach Luncarty, turn left onto the B8063. Keep the River Almond on your left. There are two bridges over the Almond – one at Buchanty and one at Bridgend. You can reach the Spout either way, keeping the river either on your left or your right. The falls are just upriver from the Buchanty bridge.

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