Pike on jerk bait at Earith Lakes

Yesterday Bob, Andy and I paid another visit to the lovely Earith Lakes fishery in Fenland, run very professionally by the owners, Martin Dawson and his lovely wife Alex. Having not been there since the autumn, I had almost forgotten what a joy it is to fish in such idyllic surroundings and, best of all, in crystal-clear water. Here in Northamptonshire, for the second winter in a row, the rivers are overflowing with muddy water, the meadows are all flooded and most of the gravel pits have been affected. Thankfully Martin’s lakes appear to be relatively immune to the dreadful conditions across the country, and it was a case of ‘business as usual’!

Earith Lakes, UK in winter

Andy and Bob concentrated on the Trout Lake, whereas both Max (my dog) and I prefer to keep on the move. I therefore opted for a wander round with a jerk-rod. The temperature was just 5 degrees and felt even colder in the very strong North-Westerly gale (which later blew Bob’s chair, brolly and rod into the lake!); however, there are always some sheltered areas here and there, and I commenced operations in a narrow but deep gully at the top end of the venue. I was a bit surprised but delighted when my home-made, jointed silver jerk bait was grabbed with a heavy jolt on the first cast, and I found myself attached to a hard-fighting, well-conditioned pike of 11 pounds, which took to the air several times before being subdued. What a great start! I took a quick photo, and then began a steady circuit of the lake in confident mode. Sure enough my optimism was well-founded, and a further six pike succumbed to the same bait, none as big as the first but all very welcome in the extreme conditions. It struck me that it had been some time since I had caught seven pike in a single session!

Pike fishing Earith Lakes, Fens

Unfortunately for the other guys, the weather had not been to the trout’s liking, and although they could be seen swimming about all over the place, unusually the boys only managed one between them. That’s fishing for you, but at least we had been out in the fresh air, in good company.

Interestingly, Earith Lakes’ carp syndicate, which is based on the lake I’d been piking in, now has a waiting list, but with a delightful, well stocked coarse lake, the normally very productive trout lake and a soon-to-open day-ticket carp fishery, anglers should certainly put this on their list of places to try.

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Although a bit of a pike fanatic, Mike Green has been fishing in the UK and abroad for most of his life, catching coarse, sea and game fish in the UK, Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, Asia and Americas.