Sevylor Inflatable Fishing Kayak

The Sevylor Inflatable Fishing Kayak, known as the ‘Colorado’, is a tandem fishing kayak that’s purpose built for paddling and trolling around large lakes. Its thick tarpaulin bottom and tough nylon cover are designed for the rough wear and tear associated with regular fishing. What’s more, the in-built trolling motor fitting and adjustable rod-holders ensure that this boat has everything the average angler needs, with – in theory at least – no need for customising.

Sevylor Inflatable Fishing Kayak Review

Product Review

A lot of thought has gone into the Colorado Fishing Kayak. Unlike most inflatable kayaks, this one was designed exclusively for fishermen. The in-built rod holders are excellent, and the mesh pockets make useful storage compartments. What you’ll probably like best, however, is the combination of stability, comfort and practicality. If you know anything about inflatables, you’ll already be aware of the advantages for transport and storage – many people simply don’t have the space (at home or on their car) for a hard-shell 2-man kayak. But many inflatables don’t offer anything like the level of stability offered by the Colorado. It’s a place you can spend all day without ever thinking you’ll end up in the drink.

Pros of Sevylor Inflatable Fishing Kayak

  • Excellent stability, even in swell
  • Very robust and sturdy design
  • Double layer skin and heavy tarpaulin bottom are very hard-wearing
  • Decent storage with mesh pockets
  • Airtight® system is guaranteed not to leak

Cons of Sevylor Inflatable Fishing Kayak

  • No pump or paddles included, so more purchases are necessary
  • Recommended engine and battery aren’t up to the job
  • Rod holder position can be a little annoying
  • Blows around in the wind (this is a common issue with inflatables)

Best Feature

There are actually a lot of great features on this kayak – from the handy, adjustable rod holders, to the ultra-sturdy design and seaworthiness. This is a very stable kayak indeed. OK, admittedly it’s not the greatest through the water, and like any inflatable kayak, it tends to get blown around in high winds, but if you’re looking for a good all-round kayak, where you and your kit can stay dry, while navigating those hard-to-reach fishing spots (by paddle or motor), this is a very good and well-priced option.

Worst Feature

Surprisingly for an inflatable kayak, this model doesn’t come with its own pump. Most inflatables we’ve looked at do. Although it’s modular design should mean you’ll never lose buoyancy completely, we would recommend boating with a pump and repair kit onboard at all times. Also, the position of the rod holders is such that they can get in the way while paddling.

Sevylor Inflatable Fishing Kayak

My Personal Tip

Sevylor sells a trolling motor and battery to go with this boat, but for most anglers, this won’t do the job. The battery and motor are too small to power such a large boat, and its occupants, for a significant amount of time. This means it’s not good for anglers doing more than an hour or so’s fishing. If you plan to use this kayak with a motor, which was its intention, you will probably want to consider customising your own engine mount, making sure it caters for a larger engine, and especially a larger battery, than specified. If you want an easier set-up, it’s also worth investing in a quality 12v pump, ideally with a pressure gauge built in.

Customer Reviews

On average, the Sevylor inflatable fishing kayak picks up 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon, and this would be higher were it not for a few minor niggles. If you’re the kind of angler who likes to tinker, you’ll soon have this modified into the perfect fishing tool, and all for a little over $300.

I’ve surf launched this kayak in 4 ft swells off the coast of Malibu with no problems. Other kayaks were tipping over in the surfs, while my fully loaded kayak was completely stable.

How to buy

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If you compare all kayaks – hard shell and inflatables alike, the Colorado is a very angler-friendly option. It is convenient, relatively cheap, extremely durable, easy to transport, and inspires confidence in even the roughest conditions. If you’re thinking of taking your boat out in the waves, this is certainly superior to many of the other inflatables you might come across.

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