WANTED: New nickname

Rod Barley with a 100lb Chao Phraya Catfish from jurassic mountain fishing lake in Thailand

After a week carp fishing in Thailand, with the goal of catching a giant arapaima, I believe I need a new nickname. “Golden B******s” no longer applies. I was thoroughly duffed up by every other angler, who landed some huge carp, catfish and arapaima.

Where else can you catch 200lbs of carp in an afternoon?

Holmes Farm Fishery, Leicestershire

In the week all you have to do is turn up and fish and, having caught 200lbs of carp in a few short hours, I would suggest that you could do a lot worse!

The Carp Wake Up

Molly at 33.2oz - mirror carp

This time things were to be different. I managed a few rudd, twenty carp in the 8oz-to-a-pound class, a 5lb zander, three pike and two thirties, pictured here.

VIDEO: Aren’t carp supposed to be timid?!

Carp chasing poppers

In my experience it can take days and nights of fishing, plus weeks of pre-baiting and surveillance, just to catch one carp. But these ones are ferocious! Makes me want to grab the fly rod…!

World record common carp – 86lbs 6oz?

Record common carp

I’ve found these amazing pictures of an apparent world record common carp of 86lbs 6oz, caught by a chap called Graham Marsden. Anyone know the facts?

Beauty or the beast – which is it for you?

Russ Kenyon, The Church

I just spotted these huge fish posted by popular UK carp man, Kevin Nash. Caught in Hungary, they weigh a massive 93 and 98lbs respectively. But does size really matter, or is a beautiful English carp just as good a capture?