Carp fishing in the Midlands

20lb common carp

As you may have gathered by now carp are not really fish that get my pulse racing, but the leisurely way you can conduct a carp fishing expedition has a certain appeal, and my pal Ken’s fishery in Staffordshire is so breathtakingly beautiful that it`s always a sheer delight just to be there! Read the rest…

Spring carp action at last!

Ken Heath with 27.4 Mirror Carp

I have been getting pretty desperate lately to visit my best friend’s fishery near Stafford, for several reasons. Firstly to see him – we don’t get together nearly as often as we used to in the “good old days” as, despite being almost as old as me, he finds himself with second wife and two […]

Catch carp on luncheon meat

common vs mirror carp

Before going on holiday to Costa Rica with son James for some giant tarpon fishing, I thought I would pop up and spend one night at my best friend’s little fishery near Stafford. He is such a great lad and doesn’t get the chance to fish as much as I do for many reasons that […]