Red letter day – pike fishing at Chew Valley Reservoir

Chew Valley, Rick Varley seven 20lb pike in one session

In the order they were caught, the fish weighed 21, 25, 20, 27, 30, 25 and 21lbs. We also lost four fish, two of which we saw and estimated at 20lb-plus. What an amazing morning!

Record pike caught on fly

40lb pike

It looked absolutely ENORMOUS and we both guessed it at 35lbs. I was a quivering onlooker as Jamie prepared it for weighing. He lifted the sling with a grunt, smiled and said: “I think you’re going to be a bit pleased with this!”

Persistence pays on Chew (Part II)

Russell Cowell 39lb pike

You may remember that last year at about this time four of us had a two-day stint at Chew Valley Lake, trying our luck fly fishing for pike. The result was just two fish between us, but remarkably the one I caught – at 5.45pm on the second day – was an immaculate 30-pounder, fully […]

Persistence pays on Chew Valley Reservoir

Reservoir piking

Every year I try to include a couple of 2 day trips to Chew Valley Lake in order to indulge my favourite passion, namely fly fishing for pike. Many years ago I regularly fished Chew and Blagdon, initially with my first wife Lesley and later with my father who went down there to live in […]