Amazing underwater shots!

Fishing in the wind

Check out these amazing underwater shots. They’re the product of photographer and outdoor adventurer, Yngve Ask. Yngve believes in taking real photos that tell a story – a little rough around the edges and full of character.

Salmon fishing, Helmsdale, Scotland

Lesley Thomas salmon

The preferred river of HRH The Prince of Wales, the River Helmsdale opens from the 11th January right through to the 30th September. Salmon fishing the Helmsdale forty years ago, Lesley Thomas had what you might call a red-letter day – banking six fish over fifteen pounds…

Loch Tummel fishing

Ross Black salmon

This catch was submitted by our reader, Ross Black, in Scotland. It’s a beautiful 7lb 8oz wild brown trout, caught from Loch Tummel in Perth and Kinross earlier this month.

Amberjack fishing in Spain

Dirk Wolthuis amberjack 240lb La Palma, Spain

You don’t need to travel to the other side of the globe for monster saltwater fish. Dutch angler Dirk Wolthuis had a giant while amberjack fishing in Spain.