Did you see this coming? Ice fishing #fail

When ice fishing goes wrong

This is what happens when you leave your fish unsupervised – it gets up to mischief. This Russian angler saw what was happening, but it was too late.

Taking the boat out over the holidays? Don’t do this

Amazing boat crash

We all love boating with friends, but drinking and boating aren’t a great mix. If you’re on the water this Christmas, catch fish, have fun, but be safe!

Best Fishing Fails 2014

Best Fishing Fails 2014

Some of these fishing fails will definitely make you laugh. The guy that electrocutes himself a few clips in is hilarious; slightly disturbing but hilarious!

It even takes his landing net!

Sealion steals landing net

These guys were happily salmon fishing when this cheeky sea lion sweeps up, grabs the salmon, and swims off, taking their landing net with him as he goes.