Is it worth trying different methods when pike fishing?

Giant Ondex

Although most people have their favourite ways of pike fishing, I find it pays not to be too blinkered in approach. When things aren’t going well it’s often worth trying different methods, as I did here…

Pike fishing – and all for a good cause!

Fishing with Bob Church, Ken and Adrian

In support of the Sue Ryder Foundation, our very good friend Arnold allows us to escort auction winners on a day or two pike fishing in Bedfordshire, which has historically proven very successful, with numerous fish up to and including 20s.

A few pike at last!

Despite the fish not coming as thick and fast as before, my good feeling was finally rewarded. I hooked into what turned out to be my best pike of the season so far…

Red letter day – pike fishing at Chew Valley Reservoir

Chew Valley, Rick Varley seven 20lb pike in one session

In the order they were caught, the fish weighed 21, 25, 20, 27, 30, 25 and 21lbs. We also lost four fish, two of which we saw and estimated at 20lb-plus. What an amazing morning!

Pike on jerk bait at Earith Lakes

Earith Lakes, UK in winter

I was a bit surprised but delighted when my home-made, jointed silver jerk bait was grabbed with a heavy jolt on the first cast, and I found myself attached to a hard-fighting, well-conditioned pike of 11 pounds.

Catching pike on surface poppers

Catching pike on surface poppers featured image

Although it doesn’t always work, if you can get fish to chase and hit surface poppers, the spectacle of the take can be truly heart-stopping. To me, a pike on a surface fly is worth six on a deadbait.