Are you a better angler than this 8-year-old?

Hugo and his catch

This is Hugo. He’s 8 years old. I admit, he’s obeen learning from a truly great fisherman (me!!), but it seems he has a natural talent for catching salmon.

Not bad for a first salmon…

Andy Blyth first salmon

The slack in the line very gradually came tight and the line began to swing very slowly across the current, then it stopped. I figured it must be caught on the bottom, with all the slack line and slow current, so I lifted the rod to try to free it. The bottom began to move.

Fly fishing for salmon in the North of England

Jim Green with a salmon

In 2011 I made a trip up to the North of England and Southern Scotland to fish with a friend of mine, Andy Blyth. I thought I was a keen fisherman before I met Andy, but he is a fanatic – especially when it comes to catching salmon. He’s a great man to fish with […]