Palm Springs Salmon Fishing

18lb stillwater salmon from Greetham Valley Fishery

Son James also had an epic battle with another big fish, running him all over the lake, and finally turning the scales to 19lbs – a wonderful fish and in perfect order!

Alaska’s Red Salmon Run Shot From The Sky

Salmon run from the sky

If you’re sitting there wondering how you’re ever going to get over the Christmas feasting, you’ve probably got 4 or 5 minutes spare for this stunning video of sockeye salmon in Alaska.

Big Atlantic Salmon on Single-Handed Fly Rod

Big Salmon Fishing in Sweden Örekils

Check out this video by devoted fly angler, Vaidas Uselis. Fishing the Örekils River, 100km north of Gothenburg, he lands a fish that will make you green with envy.

Want to catch a salmon?

Palm Springs Salmon Fishing Rutland UK

At the weekend I took 5 friends to the remarkable inland salmon fishery, Palm Springs, where I have almost always managed my limit of four fish. What sport!

Are you a better angler than this 8-year-old?

Hugo and his catch

This is Hugo. He’s 8 years old. I admit, he’s obeen learning from a truly great fisherman (me!!), but it seems he has a natural talent for catching salmon.

This is why we fly fish for salmon!

Farlex Reels

Check out this awesome salmon take, caught on video. I love all kinds of fishing, but for me nothing compares to the an Atlantic salmon on the fly.