Matt Harris strikes it rich… again!

Matt Harris 33lb salmon Yokanga

I have to take my hat off to photographer, Matt Harris. Not only does he get to enjoy some of the world’s best fly fishing, he also mixes it with the bold and the beautiful.

Spey casting photos

Spey casting

Found these gorgeous spey casting images while, err, working (honest). The tackle shown includes Kenai custom rods and Rio spey and skagit lines.

Epic battle with a large Atlantic salmon

Big salmon from Byske River in Sweden

This epic battle is one of the best I’ve seen. It features a 30lb salmon dragging a very excited angler down more than 1km of the River Byske in Sweden. Enjoy…

This is what you do when a salmon runs off downstream…

Atlantic salmon fishing in Quebec

If you can stand the soundtrack, this is another nice film – this time shot in Quebec. It shows some lovely big Atlantic salmon and several wonderful takes, right at the surface.

Atlantic salmon taking dry flies in slow motion

Salmon on dry flies

I can think of nothing better than seeing big salmon take dry flies. This awesome 3-minute movie shows numerous chunky Atlantic salmon taking big bushy flies off the top. Enjoy!

Great video showing the best way to release a salmon

Underwater salmon image

Here’s a fantastic video showing the best way to release a salmon. It’s a great video, with some gorgeous underwater footage. I hope you make it to the end. If all fishermen heeded this advice it would be great for our sport.