Hammerhead caught by hand?!

Hammerhead shark caught by hand

When this hammerhead shark was seen struggling in shallow water off a Florida beach, a number of brave civilians attempted to remove the fishing line in which it had become entangled.

This MIGHT make you jump out of your skin

Surprise fishing attack

WARNING: You might find these people slightly annoying (oh and this might make you jump a bit). They certainly weren’t expecting what happened and, to tell you the truth, neither was I! Great to catch it on film.

Shark versus croc (WARNING: some people may find this disturbing)

American croc versus shark

It seems fairly clear that these guys had absolutely no idea how to handle the shark they’d hooked, but they were even less prepared for what happened next.

Unbelievable shark feeding frenzy video goes viral!

Shark feeding frenzy goes viral

Earlier this month bystanders witnessed a massive shark feeding frenzy close to shore, where 100-plus sharks threw themselves into a shoal of bluefish, sometimes beaching themselves in the process.

Huge Hammerhead Tows Man Out to Sea

Hammerhead tows kayak out to sea

Keen kayak angler Adam Fisk got more than he bargained for when he hooked a huge, 11-foot hammerhead over the weekend. It towed him 8 miles in under 6 minutes before he finally gave up and cut the line.

Shark attack caught on camera

Shark attack video

Most divers and surfers will tell you not to worry about shark attacks. As an instructor once told me when teaching me to surf: “Get out there you pussy, sharks eat fish!”.