VIDEO: Whether or not you like fly fishing, you’re gonna like this

Fly fishing video

You don’t have to be a fisherman to enjoy this trout fishing video – it’s packed full of stunning scenery and non-stop dry fly action. I watched to the end.

Catching spring trout on Pitsford Reservoir

I found myself suddenly attached to a 4lb rainbow. It is easy to exaggerate but I would say that the fish tore off a distance of probably 45 yards or more.

Vermillion: Trout Fishing Video by Kitchen Sink Studios

Vermillion Trout Fishing Film

Seeing a trout fishing video like this not only makes me want to get out there and pick up my fly rod, it also makes me think I should use my camera more often. It’s not true that memories last forever…

Monster trout on fry patterns at Rutland Water

Dan trout fishing at Rutland Water

In April this year I had the most phenomenal day’s trout fishing of my life. By the time we made the harbour we had ten huge trout weighing up to 8lb 8oz.

Trout Fishing Photography by Randy Riksen

Randy Riksen Fly Fishing Photography

As well as photographing families, landscapes, weddings, sports and local events, Michigan-based angler, Randy Riksen, has something of an eye for fishing photographs. Here are some of our favourites…

Fishing the Tongariro River by Raft

Raft fishing New Zealand

If you like fishing and you don’t mind a touch of adrenalin coursing through your body, then raft fishing New Zealand’s Tongariro River could be for you! I recently tried it with good friend Karl Gradon and fiancé Anna.. Awesome!