The huge cutthroat trout of Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Huge Cutthroat Trout Pyramid Lake

Thanks to Casey Ryan for these pictures, taken during a recent trip chasing huge cutthroat trout in Pyramid Lake, Nevada. On the day, 5 fish were caught over 10lbs, including Casey’s own personal best of 11lbs 14oz.

These guys catch fish in the most unlikely places

Fishing in unlikely places

I would probably never have tried some of those spots. And they seem to be retrieving their fly directly back upstream, without any sideways motion. There’s always something new to learn!

Competition from Trout Porn


For any of you who are on Facebook and fancy a chance of winning some free stuff, have a look at this photo competition from Facebook page, Trout Porn. It’s their best prize package yet…

Arctic Char vs Dolly Varden vs Bull Trout vs Salmon: Differences

Salvelinus Alpinus - Arctic char

Arctic char, bull trout and Dolly Varden form part of the “salmonid” group. They are extremely similar – some may say identical – but here are some differences that may help you tell them apart.

Video: stalking big rainbow trout in shallow water

Rainbow trout fishing video

Nice short video: stalking a big rainbow trout with what looks like a dry fly, in ankle-deep water. It just shows you the value of being stealthy.

Amazing underwater shots!

Fishing in the wind

Check out these amazing underwater shots. They’re the product of photographer and outdoor adventurer, Yngve Ask. Yngve believes in taking real photos that tell a story – a little rough around the edges and full of character.