2017 Review of Avington Trout Fishery

If you fancy a bit of sight-fishing for large trout, you are unlikely to be disappointed with a day at Avington – clear water, pretty scenery and big fish.

London’s Urban Fishing Scene

Urban Fishing London

The waterways of London offer anglers a surprisingly good chance of catching fish, including flounder, eels, pike, roach, carp, and even salmon, but we must protect our waterways from the ever-present threat of poaching.

Bass fishing in the UK

UK Bass Fishing

As with any angling, catching bass can be hit and miss – you need the weather, tides and, of course, the fish. For Austen Goldsmith, head honcho at UK bass fishing, this was a red letter day.

Where to shore fish for cod and whiting in the UK

East coast cod fishing, UK

The best shore fishing is invariably after dark when fish tend to venture closer in to shore. Sea fish do not tend to be tackle-shy, especially in the coloured water of the North Sea, and complicated end rigs are not necessary.

A question of mistaken identity


This comical but true little tale occurred many years ago now, but still makes me chuckle when I recall it. At the time I shared a 19-foot fishing boat with Rod Barley – a quiet, well-mannered and even tempered lad, same age as me, and who was (and still is) a lifelong great friend. The […]